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Water Resources Project Manager P.E.

Bartow, FL

Order: 77715
Direct Hire

CODE 0647





(Parks & Natural Resources)


Pay Range: $33.95/hr. - $50.90/hr. ($70,616.00 - $105,872.00/annually)


Shift: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (40 hours/week)


Location: 4177 Ben Durrance Rd Bartow, FL 33830


Health Benefits Package, Including Paid Holidays 




Must have the physical, developmental and mental ability to perform job tasks, work efforts, responsibilities and duties of the job illustrated below:





Provide professional engineering expertise and project management primarily for innovative water resource projects. Develop, evaluate and implement feasibility, design and construction projects. Responsible for National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permit, which includes revising, updating, monitoring and implementing the permit requirements.

Responsible for providing assistance to Parks and Natural Resources Division (PNRD)to support their mission.


• Manages the activities of outside consultants and contractors for PNRD projects.

• Responsible for success of maintaining compliance of MS4 NPDES permit for Polk County

• Performs critical engineering feasibility analyses, hydraulic analyses, treatment and performance efficiency evaluations, and alternatives analyses, working with both staff and outside consultants.

• Assists in the development, preparation, tracking of milestones and schedules and other maintenance tasks for PNRD Community Investment Program (CIP) annual capital project budget and program budgets, which includes progress and status reports, letters, files, and other documentation related to projects.

• Assists in the preparation of project-specific and annual engineering and construction contracts.

• Prepares and submit appropriate applications for additional funding opportunities for projects and programs

• Manages the application for certification of surface water related permits.

• Interacts, develops and maintains strong working relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies as well as other County divisions and the development community in designing, bidding, permitting, and constructing PNRD projects.





Responsible for managing CIP projects from conceptual stage through construction and project close-out. Responsible for basic engineering design of various projects related to water resources management. Types of projects include; stormwater retrofitting (swales, detention and retention ponds, wetlands treatment, exfiltration pipes) and surface water management and restoration (dredging, drawdowns, and physical/chemical water treatment). Perform hydrologic studies and design stormwater management systems. Prepare state and federal permit applications and explore grant funding opportunities for water quality projects.


Identify drainage and water quality problems. Perform surface water retrofit and restoration engineering feasibility analyses including; stream gauging, basin hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, examination of stormwater quality analyses and management alternatives.


Responsible to implement program activities required by the County's NPDES stormwater permit relative to surface water quality. Requires completion of annual NPDES report and supplemental requirements of the MS4 permit. Provides leadership in the coordination of external and internal partners to ensure proper implementation and reporting requirements for the NPDES permit.


Provides leadership on water resource projects and program activities. Receives, reviews, and oversees construction projects and other work efforts that are performed by consulting engineers and contractors. Ensures that contracted services are meeting schedules, within budget, and comply with contract specifications. Prepares and maintains a project progress file which includes schedule information and work activities. Reviews bills for services and determines that those services have been performed as required prior to submitting for payment authorization.


Requires management of consultants and contractors to ensure that project objectives are met and that contract requirements are adhered to. Provides technical expertise in support of complex engineering design and construction tasks/projects. As a Professional Engineer, this position may be required to sign and seal permit applications and construction drawings.


Prepares and maintains progressive project reports/files, including project schedule information and work activities. Reports may be for the PNRD, as well as the Polk County Board of County Commissioners and various regulatory agencies (e.g., Florida Department of Environmental Protection, United State Environmental Protection Agency, Polk County Health Department, Water Management Districts, etc.).

Coordinates with outside consultants regarding the preparation/execution of site surveys, environmental studies, engineering reports, design drawings, technical specifications, schedules, cost estimates, permit applications, and bid and construction documents. This includes ensuring adherence to contract requirements. Provides engineering, technical, project management and administrative support to PNRD. Reviews invoices for services from consulting engineers and contractors to determine that services have been performed prior to submission for payment authorization.


This position requires knowledge of the concepts, terminology, principles, and analytical techniques of civil and/or environmental engineering applied to stormwater. Knowledge of engineering evaluation, design, modeling, and construction related to surface water management. Ability to design and calculate effectiveness of surface water treatment systems and loading reductions.





Ability to interpret and utilize various local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws. Must possess a strong working knowledge of local, state and federal rules, regulations and statutes related to stormwater, potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems. The ability to understand concepts of water and wastewater facilities, collection systems, and distributions systems, including reclaimed water systems and wastewater solids handling. Knowledge of methods, techniques, and materials used in utility system construction. Ability to read and interpret complex engineering plans. Ability to prepare engineering and related reports, capital improvement plans and budgets, letters and memorandums, etc. Ability to analyze, identify, and report financial data and trends. Ability to plan, direct, supervise, and evaluate the work of assigned personnel. Ability to analyze and interpret engineering data. Ability to monitor and inspect construction projects and to solve engineering problems.


This position requires the ability to appropriately apply the concept of engineering problem solving as it relates to the development and operation of the County’s Parks & Natural Resources Division’s mission. This position requires the ability to develop engineering scope of work and capital and engineering design work projects; the ability to communicate engineering information effectively in both verbal and written forms to both technical and non-technical audiences.


Ability to use good judgment and make independent decisions. Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate work projects. Must possess excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, superior communications skills (verbal and written), time management and organizational skills, critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, and presentation skills, particularly in public settings.


Ability to write clear and concise general and technical policies, procedures and instructions. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications to create spreadsheets, presentations, and written documents/reports.


Ability to communicate engineering information effectively, both verbally and in writing. Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with employees, officials, and the public. Skillful in personal computer operations. Ability to become familiar with Florida hydrology and surface water permitting.





Graduate of an accredited four (4) year college or university and have a minimum of five (5) years surface water management, environmental or other related civil engineering experience.


Must be a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and be able to obtain registration within the State of Florida within six (6) months of employment.


Must have a valid driver's license and be able to secure a valid Florida driver's license at the time of employment within this classification.


A comparable amount of training and related experience may be substituted for the minimum qualifications with the exception of the required licensure and registration.





Familiarity and experience with HEC1, HEC2, ICPR (Interconnected Pond Routing) software and computer aided word processing.


Familiarity and experience with surface water management and water budgets


Familiarity and experience with NPDES program





This position may be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Polk County.

4177 Ben Durrance Rd., Bartow, FL 33830, United States of America