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Order: 78535
Temp to Permanent

General Description of Duties

(Training program may take up to one (1) year to complete.)


Receives calls for emergency and non-emergency services, screens calls and dispatches law enforcement or other appropriate response vehicles to investigate; operates a computer-aided dispatch system and computerized electronics communication system; monitors radio traffic, and location information of law enforcement personnel.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities


  • Ability to accurately enter and/or retrieve information from various computer systems and/or programs in a timely manner.

  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

  • Ability to react quickly and calmly to emergency situations, recognize and understand others' reactions, use logic and reasoning to identify solutions, and make effective decisions while in stressful situations and circumstances.

  • Ability to prioritize work.

  • Knowledge of the geography of the county and its road network.

  • Knowledge of dispatch codes and signals used to respond to emergency and non-emergency services.

  • Knowledge of FCIC/NCIC rules and regulations, codes, and query forms.

  • Knowledge of computerized communications center systems and procedures.

  • Skill in the use of computers, two-way radio communications, and various other equipment used to perform daily functions of position.

  • Skill in eliciting critical information from citizens in a stressful or life threatening situation.

  • Skill in accurately performing data entry at 100 keystrokes per minute.


  • Required to speak and hear clearly, sit for extended periods of time, normally 12-16 hours, and to use hands and fingers to handle or feel. Occasionally required to stand, walk, reach with arms and hands, climb stairs or balance; and to stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.

  • Vision abilities include close vision as well as color perception.


Tasks and Policies


  • Answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

  • Operates a state-of-the-art computer aided dispatch (CAD) system and computerized electronics communication system. Screens and inputs calls for service into system including reported crimes(s), using proper event codes.

  • Evaluates and prioritizes calls for service to determine the nature of the call and appropriate level of service required.

  • Dispatches and monitors radio traffic and location information of law enforcement personnel simultaneously.

  • Checks jurisdictional boundaries and notifies other agencies when a call is within their boundaries. Provides assistance as requested.

  • Responds to inquiries from law enforcement personnel for information on tag numbers, warrants, and other miscellaneous inquiries. Makes phone calls as needed.

  • Maintains communication logs in accordance with state regulations and agency policies.

  • Successfully completes all assignments to duties as directed specifications, within specified timeframe and budget as directed and in accordance with agency policies and regulations.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Arrives on time for work, limits breaks and lunches to the allotted time, and leaves on time. Uses leave in accordance with General Orders. Communicates and cooperates with management in providing proper notice of leave; patterns and amounts of leave usage (not including legitimate, properly scheduled and approved leave and protected leave).

  • Volume of work accomplished is consistent with position requirements and produced within quality tolerance standards.

  • Works with other team members to achieve group goals by contributing ideas in group settings, accepting ideas contributed by others, operating within team rules, participating in team meetings, working with team members to improve job knowledge and skills, putting team goals over personal goals, and supporting team leaders once decisions are made.

  • Follows standard office procedures, safety policies and procedures and agency General Orders.

  • Maintains good interpersonal relations (the manner in which the employee responds emotionally and verbally) with the public, other employees, and supervisors. This policy also relates to the image the employee projects and includes cleanliness and personal grooming.

  • Operates and cares for equipment, tools, and vehicles according to prescribed standards and schedules.


Minimum Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED) required.

  • Valid Florida driver license required.

  • Must become certified as a Florida DOE Public Safety Telecommunicator within twelve (12) months of appointment.

  • Must become certified as Emergency Police Dispatcher (EPD within six (6) months of appointment.

  • Must be NCIC/FCIC certified or must obtain certification within six (6) months of appointment.

  • This is a 24/7 operation. Employee must be able to work flexible hours/schedules.

  • Initial employment will be in a trainee status. Entry level salary range applies until after successful completion of all required training, after which salary will be increased.