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Control Room Operator

Bradenton, FL

Order: 80208

Maintains surveillance of corrections personnel, visitors, and inmate activities throughout the corrections facility, including opening and closing security passages to allow movement. Answers incoming telephone calls and delegates to appropriate personnel. Facilitates communication of inmates and staff. Communicates using electronics including two-way radios, intercom, and telephone.


• Knowledge of the facility layout including location of sally port controls, cell locks, control panels, secure perimeters, and emergency and safety equipment commonly used in a secure facility.

• Knowledge of various computer systems to include CJIS, NCIC/FCIC, and JMS.

• Skill in the use of computers, two-way radio communications, intercom system, and a variety of detention devices used to perform daily functions of position.

• Skill in coordinating several activities at once.

• Skill in preparing work reports and logs.

• Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

• Ability to remain calms in crisis or emergency situations.

• Ability to maintain concentrated visual attention to detail for an extended period of time.

• Ability to prioritize and exercise good judgment under stressful circumstances.

• Ability to identify suspicious activities utilizing closed circuit television monitors.


• Ability to speak and hear clearly.

• Typically sit at a desk or table and use hands and fingers to handle or feel. Occasionally required to walk, stand, reach with arms and hands, climb stairs or balance, and to stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. Extended walking is required to reach work and rest areas.

• Required to work for sustained periods of time maintaining concentrated attention to detail.

• Visual perception and discrimination is required to observe and monitor corrections personnel's, visitors', and inmates' actions.

• Requires close vision.



• Operates computerized management information systems to retrieve or enter information.

• Monitors the movement of jail personnel, inmates, and visitors within the jail utilizing closed circuit television, radios, and intercom system.

• Controls the movement of jail personnel, inmates, and visitors within the jail by controlling all electronic doors under specified guidelines.

• Reports unauthorized movements, emergency situations or unusual activities to designated personnel for response, summons deputies, fire, and medical assistance as necessary.

• Maintains radio communications with deputies in housing modules, communicates with inmates via intercom, answers telephone calls and relates information to authorized persons.

• Prepares and updates dormitory logs to reflect inmate movement.

• Controls/issues keys and maintains log of activity.

• Successfully completes all assignments to specifications, within specified timeframe and budget as directed and in accordance with agency policies and regulations.

• Performs other related duties as assigned.


• Arrives on time for work, limits breaks, and lunches to the allotted time, and leaves on time. Uses leave in accordance with General Orders. Communicates and cooperates with management in providing proper notice of leave; patterns and amounts of leave usage (not including legitimate, properly scheduled and approved leave and protected leave).

• Volume of work accomplished is consistent with position requirements and produced within quality tolerance standards.

• Works with other team members to achieve group goals by contributing ideas in group settings, accepting ideas contributed by others, operating within team rules, participating in team meetings, working with team members to improve job knowledge and skills, putting team goals over personal goals, and supporting team leaders once decisions are made.

• Follows standard office procedures, safety policies and procedures and agency General Orders.

• Maintains good interpersonal relations (the manner in which the employee responds emotionally and verbally) with the public, other employees, and supervisors. This policy

also relates to the image the employee projects and includes cleanliness and personal grooming.


• High school diploma or equivalent (GED) required.

• Valid Florida driver license required.