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  • Warehouse (First Shift)

    Muncie, IN Temp 4 Months ago
    Warehouse work in Muncie, IN (On a bus route for people without a car). The pay starts at $10 with hours from 7am to 3:30pm. This job is Mon thru Friday with some available overtime. This company will place felonys. Good employees that work their assigned hours are promoted pretty quickly.
    Order: 381823
  • General Labor (Second Shift)

    Yorktown, IN TempToFT 4 Months ago
    Working second shift assembly in a family owned automotive manufacturing facility. Hours are 8pm-6:00am, Sunday thru Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday off work. Starting pay is $13 per hour.This is entry level general labor with no experience is necessary. Facility is air conditioned. This is temp to full-time employment
    Order: 664261
  • Machinist CNC Production Facility

    Muncie, IN TempToFT 4 Months ago
    Running parts in a CNC production facility. Family owned company with long history of hiring temps to full time work. On the job training.
    Order: 707961