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EVS Housekeeper

Plano, TX

Order: 28205

Branch - Garland-Plano-McKinney

Phone: 972-249-4949

Email: garland@archstaffing.com

Hours available:

11am - 7:30pm  & 3pm - 11:30pm 


Job Description

Hospital housekeepers routinely clean patient rooms, nursing units, surgical areas, administrative offices, laboratory areas, waiting areas and public restrooms, as well as launder all hospital linen. Using various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, housekeepers wipe equipment, clean furniture, polish floors and vacuum carpets. They make beds, empty trash and restock medical supplies. Housekeepers also collect dirty laundry from all patient areas and distribute the clean linen and hospital gowns back to the appropriate floors. Using cleaning supplies and equipment are an essential part of the position, which is why housekeepers take a daily inventory as well as inspect their equipment for any repairs or replacements.

Occasionally, hospital housekeepers attend in-service training. Such meetings can include updates on company policies, new equipment demonstrations and discussion of complaints made by patients or hospital staff in regards to housekeeping. They also ensure that proper infection-control policies are being followed.