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general labor

Dallas, TX

Order: 1821024
POSITION SUMMARY Performs manual labor to assist Installers, Tile Setters and Carpenters in the installation, modification and repair of various types of flooring as required. Essential Functions Statement(s) • Cleans debris/garbage from the vehicle and prepares the vehicle with materials and tools required for that day's assignment prior to leaving the warehouse each morning. • Unloads, identifies, and distributes materials to the appropriate location according to project plans and specifications. • Cleans and prepares surface for flooring installation. • Assists Installer/Team Lead in correcting any areas that require replacement prior to installation. • Assembles/Disassembles equipment. • Positions tools/supplies/flooring to maintain workflow without unnecessary interruptions. • Performs cleaning of area upon installation (wiping of grout, removal of mastic, carpet remnants, etc.) keeping areas free of debris. • Runs errands as needed for additional supplies or purchase of required supplies. • Transports material, staff or equipment as needed. • Assists in maintaining warehouse (receiving supplies, comparing invoice against materials received, stocking, cleaning, etc.). • Tends to machines as necessary (power tools, etc.) • Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains a safe and clean work environment. • Familiarizes self with the duties of other craft workers and with the materials, tools, and machinery they use. •Performs other duties as assigned. POSITION QUALIFICATIONS Competency Statement(s) • Responsible - Ability to be held accountable or answerable for one’s conduct. • Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly. • Reliability - The trait of being dependable and trustworthy. • Safety Awareness - Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety. • Accountability - Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions. SKILLS & ABILITIES Education: High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED): Preferred Experience: Previous experience in construction/installation and/or knowledge of parts/equipment/trade preferred. Certifications & Licenses:Must possess a valid Texas Driver’s License. MUST have a clear BG because most work is done on military bases, schools, and federal buildings. PHYSICAL DEMANDS Position requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0 - 2.5+ hrs/day) - F (Frequently) Position requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5 - 5.5+ hrs/day) - C (Constantly) Position requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day) - Physical Demands Walk/Lift/Carry, Stand- C (Constantly) Sit - O (Occasionally) Manually Manipulate - C (Constantly) Grasp - F (Frequently) Reach Outward - F (Frequently) Reach Above Shoulder - F (Frequently) Speak - F (Frequently) Climb - F (Frequently) Crawl - O (Occasionally) Squat or Kneel - F (Frequently) Bend - F (Frequently) 10 lbs or less - C (Constantly) 11-20 lbs - F (Frequently) 21-50 lbs - F (Frequently) 51-100 lbs - O (Occasionally) Push/Pull 12 lbs or less - C (Constantly) 13-25 lbs - F (Frequently) 26-40 lbs - F (Frequently) 41-100 lbs - O (Occasionally) Other Physical Requirements • Vision (Near, Distance, Depth) • Sense of Touch • Sense of Balance • Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - hard hat, safety glasses WORK ENVIRONMENT Work is performed inside/outside at site locations year-round. May be subject to cuts, bruises, or scrapes due to the nature of the work, moving of supplies and equipment utilized in project completion. Protective equipment is provided and safety protocols must be adhered to at all times. MUST have a clear BG because most work is done on military bases, schools, and federal buildings.