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Long-term opportunity in Hardeeville!

Hardeeville, SC

Order: 1808174

We are actively hiring for a Prep Coating Technician for a successful company in the Hardeeville area!


This individual will responsible for sanding edges, uneven areas, and removing excess frays, groves, and uneven surfaces, corners, and/ or joints. All prepped item will need to be dusted before staging for the next workstation.




1) Coordinate with the coating TC the proper work flow of all orders (Daily)


2) Address inventory needs with the Coating TC


3) Receive order paper work (in order by priority the date) ensure paper work matches each core - interpret according to the client workstation procedures manual & project all core order information onto the product.


4) Notate all core products as specified by each order, and model each order based on the specification provided.


5) Quality check all cores in zone before they are staged for the zone


6) Coordinate with the coating TC to ensure all data cards are updated and turned in at the end of each shift.


7) Coordinate with Coating TC on custom orders & special specifications and / or workability.


8) Stage items (one at a time) for the next workstation with proper paperwork.


Skill / Qualifications:


9) Attention to detail, reading comprehension, and excellent math skills.


10) Ability to read a tape measure, add and subtract fractions.


11) Ability to work safely with equipment, follow safety rules, policies and instructions


12) Experience with hand tools (sander, table saw, router, etc)


13) Ability to stand for long periods of time ( 3-4 hours at a time) in seasonal temperature conditions (Hot, Cold, Humid, Dry, etc)


14) Ability to lift minimum of 50lbs