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Marketing Content Manager for HHI Firm

Hilton Head Island, SC

Order: 1837831

We are actively recruiting for a Content Marketing Manager for a successful Hilton Head Island firm.


The Content Marketing Manager will perform and assist in the social media and marketing strategies of a captive insurance management firm. This organization is a group of companies that designs and manages captive insurance companies for high net worth middle market business owners, individuals, and   families. and its affiliated companies,provide tax,corporate,securities,asset,and estate planning. The Content Marketing Manager will have a primary focus on the social media presence of the company and the personal brand of the CEO.


The Content Manager will perform, prepare, and/ or assist with:    ? Design, develop, and produce marketing materials for all brands and businesses    ? Liaise, correspond with outside vendors, suppliers, and third party services providers     ? Initiate and monitor the production, procurement, and distribution of marketing materials and  content     ? Draft and disseminate press and media releases; liaise with public relations and media contacts    ? Assist in the preparation of presentations    ? Plan, coordinate, and participate in marketing events    ? Prepare and execute direct and online marketing campaigns    ? Collect, monitor, and analyze client and marketing data and feedback    ? Establish and maintain a marketing database and Client Relationship Software    ? Archive and maintain marketing and media materials and inventories    ? Contribute to a cooperative team environment in which cross functions are assumed as necessary in  order to meet department deadlines and goals.   


Core Traits & Competencies:    Self-Awareness ? Drive For Results ? Leadership ? Communication  & Teamwork ? Cooperation ? Technical Job Knowledge  


This position is salaried, full-time exempt, with a work schedule of Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT with occasional travel.