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Warehouse Assembler - Temp to Hire

Early Branch, SC

Order: 1899546

Warehouse assemblers needed in Early Branch, SC.

Assemblers have the task of putting parts together to complete a product. They work in a manufacturing plant on an assembly line. Assemblers might have one assigned task that they perform all day, or they might have a number of tasks that they perform on any given day. An assembly line worker uses tools, specialized machines and his hands to perform the job.


The assembler must be able to read directions for his / her work orders and follow oral instructions from his / her supervisor. On any given day, they might screw in bolt, use glue or crimp individual parts onto a manufactured item on the assembly line. Alternatively, he might have the responsibility of mounting assembled components onto a larger chassis using a variety of tools. Some assemblers have the job of preparing and painting the finished product. Others set up the assembly line equipment and ensure it is operating properly. During the manufacturing process, the assembler monitors quality control in accordance with company policies.


Assembly line workers usually need good manual dexterity to perform their jobs. They need the physical strength to perform the job, as they might need to lift heavy objects. Assemblers often perform their jobs while standing. The workers need to be able to pay close attention as they do the same repetitive action for hours on end.