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CDL Concrete Driver

Bluffton, SC

Order: 1920019

CDL Class A or B Concrete Truck Driver:



A concrete mixer truck driver delivers concrete and other cement - based mixtures to industrial, commercial and residential construction job sites.


Skill Requirements:

A person with this job must be able to safety operate the truck and its auxiliary equipment such as levers, chutes and mixing drums. When the driver picks up the materials to be loaded into the mixer, the driver must be able to manipulate the drum under the hoppers that dispense the cement, gravel, sand and water into it. The driver has to understand the mixing procedure and adjust the speeds on the mixer accordingly. The driver must know what materials should be in the blend and check the work order to ensure she is picking up the appropriate mixture.


Educational Requirements

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required to qualify for this job.

  • Knowledge of trucks and mixing equipment is considered a plus for applicants.

  • Demonstrated mechanical abilities utilized in past jobs are helpful.