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SLO Regional School Specialist

Atlanta, GA

Order: 1052813

Our client, a local school disrict is staffing for several SLO Regional Schools Specialist. Please review job description below. If you would like to be considered, please email your resume to: renee@corporatetemps.com.


The SLO Regional School Specialist will implement functions related to the planning, development, administration, and evaluation of the district’s SLO assessment program for students. The SLO Regional School Specialist will ensure that teachers and administrators are aware of and administrate the SLO process as required by the Georgia Department of Education. This position reports to the Director of Testing and Assessment.

This a is contractual grant funded position for the 2013-2014 school year.

Please Note: This is a year-to-year position based on funding and the salary maximum is listed below.

This position is funded with RT3 funds and may be time limited.


Key Responsibilities:

Assist in the development, facilitation and organization of the district SLO and formative assessments program and other program processes to ensure consistency.

Supports the development of district common assessments, and curricular materials

for CCGPS and GPS instruction

Facilitates the revision of existing K-12 SLO assessments.

SLO assessment administration to include: Training of school-level test coordinators, Materials preparation, dissemination and collection, collection and reporting of results to DOE

Provide professional learning to employees through meetings including Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches, Teaching & Learning Meetings, Payday Meetings, and School-level or other meetings as requested

Communicate a clear message of the importance of assessment in the instructional process

Communicate the relationship between SLO assessments and Teacher Keys Effectiveness System

Coordinates the input of assessments, and curricular materials into the district instructional management system.

Coordinates planning for implementation of formative assessments and curricular

Materials with Region School-level support.

Works directly with IMS project manager to efficiently implement plans on a timely basis.

Conducts other duties assigned by the Director of Testing and Assessment.

Administer and/or support the state and local standardized testing processes and policies.

Facilitates workshops/presentations to district employees.

Organizational Improvement:

Support and promote the vision and mission of the district

Assist in the implementation of the district’s strategic goals.

Develop and implement long and short-term strategic plans consistent with the district’s vision and mission.

Work in coordination with other Curriculum and Instruction senior leadership team members to develop and implement a comprehensive Division communication plan.

Participate as a member of the Curriculum and Instruction senior leadership team in the development and implementation of a long-term strategic plan and standard operating procedures across departments and schools.

Culture and Climate:

Create and sustain a positive and collaborative environment for central and school-based staff.

Model and require the use of management practices that promote high-performance, ethical behavior, collegiality, teamwork, and fairness.

Model standards for positive and supportive relationships necessary in a high-performance organization.

Ensure that direct report personnel establish and nurture positive and supportive relationships necessary in a high-performance organization.

School/Community Relations:

Maintain working relationships with administrative management and school site staff to support the integration of educational program management.

Respond to inquiries or complaints from stakeholders in a timely manner.

Represent the district in a positive and professional manner.

Involve stakeholders in the strategic planning process.

Consistently solicit stakeholder input and feedback during when appropriate.

Professional Growth and Development:

Keep abreast of current research, theory, and trends in the area of district and school administrative services and provide leadership in these areas as appropriate to the district’s needs.

Demonstrate skill in written and oral communication, planning, and organization.


Specialized Training/ Certifications:

Bachelor’s degree in education



Basic Qualifications:

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education. Knowledge of and experience in the K-12 educational environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with Technology

3 years classroom experience