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Yard Jockey

Port Arthur, TX

Order: 42662167

Pay: $28 hourly


his is for an intermediate position with at least 2 years of experience. A valid CDL is required. 

Job functions are as follows: 
1. Empty van movement from parking zones to warehouse loading slots 
2. Replenishments to Grease & Packaging departments 
3. Refuel and perform routine inspections on hostler trucks 
4. Chock wheels & trailer jacks 
5. Cleaning parking zones and loading areas 
6. Seal pre-loaded vans & move to parking zones 
7. Track and communicate trailer pool information 

HS Diploma or equivalent 

Interview Process: 
Phone Interview 

• Onboarding Requirements: 
o US, Non-Manufacturing: 
? Background Check 
? Education Verification 
? Drug Screening 
? GO272 
? GO272A 
? Acknowledgement of Temporary Assignment 
? Harassment Guide Acknowledgement 
? SmartBadge Photo