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Manufacturing | General Labor | 2nd Shift

Fontana, CA

Order: 16044
Temp To Full-Time

We are hiring for a sheet metal fabricator!


*Prior experience in manufacturing or construction is required*


The following job duties are part of the general labor job description:


  • Shake – taking out individual pieces from larger metal sheets

  • Deburr- sanding metal parts to remove sharp edges

  • Forming- operating a press break (metal forming machinery), forming metal to desire precise measurement provided, and using measuring equipment.

  • Hook and unhook finalized parts to be painted on a constantly moving paint line

  • All areas require obtaining work orders from Superiors and submitting completed work order information to our computer database.

  • Associate will be properly trained to complete the expected job in a timely manner.


All areas require a long period of standing, lifting, precision, repetitive and constant movement, communication with peers, obtaining orders and submitting them on our computer database.