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Manufacturing | Tile Stacker

Rialto, CA

Order: 16250
Temp To Full-Time

Job Description



The Stacker is responsible for correct and timely packaging of good cured tile. The Stackers will stack tile into stacks of three, will load stacks onto the pallets, tie then wrap the pallet and ensure that the molds are full on the wet line. Stackers will rotate through these duties throughout the shift. Treat people with respect, work ethically, with integrity, accept responsibility for own actions and uphold organization vision, values and objectives. Must work well with coworkers.





Prior to Shift

  1. Clean area

  2. Make sure molds are stacked in correct area

  3. Restack molds that are lying around

  4. Prepare yourself (i.e. put on back brace, gloves, etc.)

  5. Get into position for stacking

  6. Listen for Tile Machine Operator (T.O.) to sound the alarm for start of production


During Shift


  1. Visually inspect tile and determine if good or bad

  2. Ensure that tile is being depalleted from molds

  3. If tile is bad do not stack it

  4. If tile is good stack the designed number of tiles

  5. Switch to next position when time is up


  1. Grab stacks of tile and place on pallet

  2. Count correct number of tile in each row

  3. Let sorter know if you need a different denomination to complete a row

  4. Push and fix rows to make sure they are straight

  5. Manually turn table for next row of tile

  6. Insert cardboard divider if needed

  7. Move to next pallet if switch time if not wait

  8. Switch when time is up





  1. Get wood pallets and place on stacking table

  2. Notify forklift operator if need more pallets

  3. Make sure there is enough strap material for the shift, if not get more

  4. Take two straps and prepare for tile stacking

  5. Place cardboard on pallets

  6. Tie completed rows

  7. When pallet is filled wait for forklift to pick up

  8. Switch when time is up

Mold Infeed

  1. Make sure there are enough molds for the run

  2. Neatly stack molds

  3. Clean area

  4. Monitor molds coming from depalletor

  5. Place molds on line to fill any gaps

  6. Remove mold if overlapping

  7. Remove molds with tile on them

  8. Notify Tile Machine Operator of any continuous problems

  9. Switch when time is up


  1. Check what color and profile is running

  2. Prepare paper inserts by properly marking color, profile, line number, pallet number and origin

  3. Ensure that pallet is correctly stacked and tied down

  4. Tie plastic around tile

  5. Push start button

  6. Place insert inside of wrapping in the correct place

  7. Push button to stop when wrapped

  8. Write on outside the color, line and number of pallet

  9. Record pallet number and time in log

  10. Reload wrapping paper when needed

  11. Switch when time is up


Down Time/End of Shift

  1. If the problem is in your area assist in fixing

  2. Take your break if line will be down long

  3. Clean area or as assigned

  4. Wait until alarm sounds for start of line

  5. Clean before leaving if have time

  6. Remove molds from conveyor belt if needed


REQUIREMENTS: Must be on time per day as scheduled and clock in/out for each shift and rest period.

  1. Must be able to count tile put in the stacks and rows

  2. Attend all safety training (and the once a month meetings)

  3. Must address safety issues at work station immediately to a team leader

  4. Must have full knowledge of safety lockout procedures

  5. Must report accidents and injuries within 24 hours to a team leader

  6. Must follow all safety requirements at all times





  1. Must be able to stack tile coming out of depalletor quickly (2 tiles per second)

  2. Must be able to lift/grasp 33 pounds of stacked tile at a time through out shift, sometimes rapidly

  3. Must be able to twist and bend with 33 pounds in hands

  4. Able to stand on feet at least 10 hours a day up to 6 days a week

  5. Need to be able to lift and move wooden pallets by dragging/carrying that weigh up to 60 pounds

  6. Must be capable of perceiving and understanding, above ambient noise and light levels, the production line starting alarm and forklift horns/ reverse alarms.



  1. Must wear steel toed shoes at all times

  2. Wear ear plugs, back brace and gloves, helmet and safety glasses when necessary

  3. Know all safety procedures for each machine and/or tool used

  4. Attend all safety training (and the once a month meetings)

  5. Must address safety issues at work station immediately to a team leader

  6. Must have full knowledge of safety lockout procedures

  7. Must report accidents and injuries within 24 hours to a team leader

  8. Must follow all safety requirements at all times



  1. Required to wear issued uniform (shirt tucked in and long sleeve must be buttoned or rolled up to elbow)

  2. Loud and heavy machinery

  3. Indoor facility that is not air-conditioned or heated

  4. Up to 4 hours overtime a day may be required

  5. May be asked to work 6-7 days a week

  6. May be asked to work different shifts (day-night)

  7. Dirty with cement and sand dust in the air

  8. Uncomfortable working situations


Must possess the communication skills, verbal or written, needed to relay information to all other employees and customers in a professional, positive and constructive manner, such that all communication is clear and understandable.



Must work harmoniously with all personnel, including all other departments, and follow all company rules, regulations and procedures.