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Forklift | Sit Down | 2nd Shift

Los Angeles, CA

Order: 5493




· Review receiving schedule with supervisor prior to start time to ensure smooth operation.

· Review paperwork from truck driver and verify information such as shipment type, number of pallets, required temperature of product, and USDA registry seal.

· Examine paperwork and compare with records, such as manifests, invoices, or orders, to verify accuracy. If paperwork does not match manifest, contact lead.

· Check temperatures utilizing a handheld infrared thermometer to ensure temperature of the received raw product is within the USDA safety and security guidelines. (X < 40 degrees) If temperature does not comply with safety regulations, contact lead.

· Operate fork lifts and hand trucks to convey, move, and hoist materials to receiving area.

· For raw products, weigh pallets and ensure net weight is in accordance to the manifest.

· Create labels for raw products including shipment information, weight and hold for inspection tags.




· Review shipping orders with lead prior to start time to ensure smooth operation.

· Instruct truck drivers on safety regulations required prior to loading such as placing wheel chocks to prevent accidental movement and secure loading.

· Visually inspect truck for cleanliness prior to loading. If container is not cleaned, instruct driver to clean container prior to loading.

· Review pallet number on shipment and document total numbers of products.

· Tag and label each pallet with product information.

· After verification, load truck in accordance to shipment location by utilizing fork lifts and electrical pallet jacks..

· Document seal number and deliver to security guard for final seal prior to truck departure.