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Manufacturing | Quality Assurance Tech |1st Shift

Fontana, CA

Order: 5988
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Job summary


The Quality Assurance Technician requires knowledge in ISO Quality Management Systems and knowledge in the application of the standard to our business processes. This role will require overseeing Quality Control and supplemental organizational requirements for the Production and Services building.

Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 requirements and organization requirements is required.

Adherence to local safety rules including the use of PPE and anti-slip footwear is required.



Responsibilities/daily tasks

  1. Responsible for the monitoring, reviewing, archiving of inspection records – production, first, and rework – and will choose appropriate measures to communicate any findings.

  2. Responsible for authorizing, reviewing, maintaining, and otherwise facilitating authorized material returns from all customers including logs and system transactions related to the returns.

  3. Responsible for monitoring, reviewing, managing of all equipment, tools, and machines including retaining historical data on tools/equipment.

  4. Responsible for creating, maintaining, communicating, and review of KPI data for all QMS and work center processes.

  5. Responsible for the reviewing work center efficiencies and reporting to production.

  6. Responsible for reviewing, maintaining, dispositioning, and reporting of materials during Material Review Board meetings.

  7. Responsible for generating and maintaining rework work orders based on dispositioning.

  8. Responsible for reviewing inventory location reports and conducting system transactions as needed.

  9. Responsible for overseeing receiving inspection.

  10. Responsible for reviewing all work center processes and otherwise facilitating with quality concerns or questions and addressing/communicating them to the appropriate person.

  11. Responsible for maintaining ISO records.

  12. Responsible for conducting in-process & final inspection audits to verify conformity of products.

  13. Responsible for maintaining workplace organization through a 6S program.

  14. Responsible for adhering to all organizational requirements as required and where relevant.

  15. Responsible for assuring products/service meet customer requirements.

  16. Responsible for assisting/facilitating in Corrective actions, customer complaints, and continuous improvement measures.

  17. Responsible for FAIRS/FPE/PPAP & Product FEMAs.

  18. Responsible for creating, maintaining, reviewing, and otherwise facilitating the documentation of communications including QMS documentation such as procedures, forms, work instruction and organizational knowledge.

  19. Responsible for maintaining Quality Alerts and Gemba Boards in conjunction with the Quality Engineers and Quality Manager.


  1. Ability to use Microsoft Office

  2. Ability to use inspection tools

  3. Strong interpersonal communication skills

  4. Strong reading and writing skills

  5. Blueprint reading

  6. Ability to walk/stand/sit for excessive amounts of time.

  7. Ability to prioritize tasks to complete projects effectively and efficiently.

  8. Ability to work full-time, weekends, nighttime overtime when required.

  9. Ability to adapt to continuous improvement measures.

  10. Ability to use a computer

  11. Ability to measure parts appropriately.

  12. Ability to lift 30lbs or more

  13. Ability to work second shift when needed.

Knowledge in ISO systems.