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Kit Assembly & Inventory Management

Richardson, TX

Order: 141403
Temp To Full-Time



Use the company's parts control software to prepare component kits for production builds of electronic assemblies.

• The software will be used to print the bill of materials (BOM) for each assembly in production.

• The BOM will be used to create a component 'kit' that will contain all parts for the assembly.

• The parts control software will be used to determine which parts are 'on-hand' (available in inventory) and which parts need to be purchased.

• Parts will be pulled from inventory when available.

• Purchased parts will be ordered by a purchasing group but this position will receive ordered parts, match them to the purchase order, receive them into inventory, and then issue them from inventory into the appropriate production build 'kit' as appropriate. Any discrepancies will be reported to purchasing immediately.

• There will be multiple production build kits in process simultaneously so the candidate must be able to keep them separate and insure the right part goes in the right production build kit.

• This position requires the candidate to be able to work with a lot of different part numbers and verify that the correct part number gets allocated to the correct production build kits and in the correct quantity.

• Incoming components/parts must be verified as matching the ordered part and in the correct quantity that was ordered.

• This position requires the candidate to open the door for UPS, FedEx, etc. and coordinate the shipment and delivery of packages.

• Strong cognitive skills are required in this position.

• Light lifting up to 50 pounds is required.

• Ability to operate a dolly is required.

• Ability to operate a pallet jack is required