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Manufacturing Technician

El Cajon, CA

Order: 68732

Position Summary


Perform a variety of general labor tasks including but not limited to deburring, straightening, sanding, lifting and moving materials, loading and unloading vehicles, assisting in the operation of machinery and equipment, and other activities in a helping or assisting mode.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


•Receive, comprehend and follow traveler instructions, procedures, drawings and/or verbal instructions.


•Assist production operators, technicians, and specialists in the operation of equipment and machinery.


•Monitor meters, gauges, valves, temperatures, pressure, timing or other related controls to ensure machines operate within acceptable ranges.


•Maintain accurate records and logs as required.


•Deburr, straighten and sand parts to customer specifications.


•Load and unload trucks, and move materials within the plant by carrying, pushing, rolling or operating hand trucks, forklifts, cranes or other material handling equipment.


•Perform routine maintenance of equipment, including preventive maintenance and maintaining cleanliness of equipment and work area.


•Make minor adjustments and repairs to equipment.


•Participate in and support the organization's Lean Manufacturing program to maintain and improve quality and productivity standards.


•Perform other related duties as directed by supervision.




Education: High school diploma or equivalent


Experience: 1 or more years manufacturing experience preferably in the metals industry or equivalent industry experience as determined by management.


Knowledge: Knowledge of various tools, equipment and materials used in production.




Work as an effective team member.

Work effectively with company personnel, customers, and vendors.

Work with confidential data.

Work under minimal supervision.

Work in a manufacturing environment.

Travel throughout the plant to perform job duties.

Stand for approximately 95% of shift.

Lift 50 lbs. from side to side over the head, and push product-laden carts weighing up to 2,000 lbs. from one operation to the next.

See and feel weld build-up, dents, bumps and impressions on product.

Hear equipment in operation to ensure proper operation and safety.

Maintain concentration for entire shift in order to complete job duties.

Read and interpret traveler instructions, procedures, and drawings