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BPI Certified Energy Auditor

Jamestown, NY

Order: 26537


Pay Rate: $16.00 - $20.00/hour


Work Schedule

*Variable between the hours of 7:00AM - 5:00PM*


Job Summary

Our client, a home safety and efficiency expert specializing in air sealing, insulation, and efficient furnace & water heaters is seeking a BPI Certified Energy Auditor.


Main Duties

  • Perform energy audits, worst case draft test, and initial blower door test,

  • Test heating system for efficiency, gas range for CO levels, proper draft, and CAZ pressures

  • Determine age, condition of unit, and draft levels

  • Record serial, model numbers, and measurements

  • Inspect distribution, water heating systems, swelling for gas leaks, electrical systems, wiring, insulation, ventalation, and exhaust fans

  • Complete required paperwork for energy audit


Qualifications & Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Resume required

  • Training will be required and is provided