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Extruder Machine Operator

Corry, PA

Order: 27321
Temp to Hire

Extruder Machine Operator - Union City, PA

Skill Level: Entry-Level

Pay: $16/Hour during training, $17/Hour Once Trained

Qualifications: Employees Must:

  • Become familiar with all product types
  • Understand procedures or patching and splicing
  • Know how to inspect all products
  • Help maintain equipment as assigned by Supervisor
  • Assist other Extruder Operators as needed
  • Keep Department and work area clean
  • Operate all equipment and attachments used in the curling/curing process.
  • Be able to cut and roll finished product.
  • Must pass background check

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Employee must be physically able to work in a rea so as to not harm themselves or others and must be able to safely use machinery and tools.
  • Understand and verify quality through the use of gauges, tools, specs and charts.
  • Employees must be able to use scales properly to weigh materials.
  • Employees must understand how to fill out paperwork for all areas.
  • Must possess computer knowledge sufficient to perform job.
  • Must be problem solver with good mechanical ability and work well as a team.
  • Employee must be able to communicate with the lead, quality tech, or supervisor any issues they may find that affects the performance of the area or product.