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Health Resource Analyst 2

Carson City, NV

Order: 1045950
Long Term
Job Description: • Conduct analysis of different data sources including information gathered by the Office of Public Health Investigations and Epidemiology (OPHIE), REDCap data, Infection control and prevention team findings, and surveyor inspection and complaint summaries to identify issues and concerns, related to the prevention and control of COVID-19, to determine if licensed health care facilities should be made a higher priority or have focused interventions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. • Conduct independent reviews and analyses of proposed projects and/or information related to infection control and prevention and create reports to identify trends of issues, risk assessment scores and other measures, including federal or national data, that may be used to measure the effectiveness of the Division’s infection control and prevention efforts and assist with developing a plan to address any identified concerns. • Identify factors that can be used to measure the overall DPBH strategy to prevent and control infections, and those of individual DPBH programs, and develop performance indicators to help measure success. • Collaborate with state and federal government employees and industry where needed for the collection of data, identifying gaps, and analysis of infection control and prevention data, and identifying trends such as infection preventionist risk assessment scored, facility COVID 19 positivity rates, facility COVID 19 outbreak trends and identify areas of concerns, facilities with continued issues, and priority issues. • Collect and analyze facility demographics to see how these factors may impact facilities differently as it relates to infection control and prevention and impacts, for example, on the number of deaths. • Develop policies and procedures for health care projects, programs and regulations of the health care industry in the State of Nevada related to infection control and prevention; represent the Division at various local and State meetings; conduct and participate in public hearings and/or meetings concerning infection control and prevention, when needed. • Analyze statewide and national geographic, demographic, survey, health care utilization, health status indicators, community health profiles, and health resources data, as needed related to infection control and prevention. • Provide technical assistance to health care providers and public and private sector organizations including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, other medical facilities and dependent care facilities and other State and local agencies, consumers and the general public • If directed by the position’s supervisor, may go onsite to facilities with an infection preventionist to conduct independent periodic reviews of health care programs, facilities and providers to determine compliance with decisions and regulations of the department and division and nationally recognized standards for the prevention and control of infections. • Research and identify funding opportunities, such as grants, that the Division may apply for to assist in infection control and prevention efforts. Prepare and develop funding requests; review federal requests for proposal and other notices of funding availability and determine feasibility of State application for funding; conduct research, compile required data and prepare complex grant application requests, when applicable; prepare and monitor State contracts to ensure performance; maintain a grant log and tracking system; track grant budget expenditures; prepare grant reports. • Work independently as well as part of a team in carry out the above job duties.