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Tech 2

Athens, TN

Order: 16294
BASIC FUNCTION: To produce quality subassemblies and/or finished seats, using: single point spot welders, automatic machines, welders, air grinders and a variety of hand tools. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Properly locate assemblies into machine welders or welding fixtures to produce quality parts. 2. Remove assemblies from machine or fixture to chute, rack, basket or hang assembly on paint line. 3. Install flexilators, springs or component parts to assemblies. 4. Inspect assemblies for correct number of welds, component parts and quality of parts. 5. Able to operate single point spot welders, automatic welders and small hand tools. 6. Maintain accurate production records, downtime records and interpret SPC control charts for quality of work. 7. Communicate with Supervisors on quality problems, equipment problems or other related functions. 8. Proper use of all safety equipment and safety features of machines. 9. Gauge components or assemblies on quality fixtures or tools implemented for SPC controls and capable of interpreting these tools. 10. Makes minor adjustments to equipment and changes weld tips and cables. 11. Housekeeping of immediate area and department. 12. All employees are expected to follow safe work practices, obey rules and regulations and work in a way which maintains the high safety and health standards developed and sanctioned by the Company. Every Team Member who works at the Athens Plant shares in the responsibility for support of the health, safety and environmental policy. Safety is a condition of employment. Through our global management systems, we will exceed regulatory and other requirements, as well as promote continual improvement of performance, a wellness and zero-injury culture and pollution prevention. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Maintain a 100% efficiency within the department. 2. Understanding of welding techniques. 3. Familiar with SPC controls and charts. 4. Record and report production counts, downtime records and SPC charts. 5. Able to use hand tools and spot welding machines. REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Department Supervisor