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Ophthalmology Technologist

Chattanooga, TN

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Ophthalmology Technologist Job Description

Ophthalmology technologists work with ophthalmologists, medical doctors who specialize in the diagnoses and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. Ophthalmology technologists work in a number of capacities, including assisting during eye surgery and setting up and performing maintenance on equipment. In addition, ophthalmology technologists often perform diagnostic testing, including measuring a patient's vision. Technologists in this career field must be familiar with ophthalmic pharmacology and understand the use of corrective lenses.


Ophthalmology Technologist Duties

The duties of a ophthalmology technologist include collecting information requested by the ophthalmologist, such as medical histories and eye measurements. Ophthalmology technologists may test a patient's eye pressure, pupil reactions, scope of vision, color vision and muscle movement. The ophthalmology technologist is also responsible for taking and explaining procedures, treatments and diagnoses to patients. During surgery, the ophthalmology tech may assist the ophthalmologist by preparing the surgical room and equipment and observing the patient. Additional duties include interacting with patients, maintaining sensitive ophthalmologic equipment and keeping exam rooms clean and in order.