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Order: 16718
Job Summary: The Laboratory Technician is an entry level position reporting to Laboratory Management and works on a team with other Lab personnel. This classification is also for training and development and may be eligible for advancement to Senior Laboratory Technican. Job Duties: Operate analytical equipment such as LC, GC, UV-Vis, melting point, Color meter, and pH meter to inspect in-process samples according to Lab SOP. Knowledgeable of typical laboratory equipment and procedures. Discuss progress and interim findings with the Lab Management. Perform various instrument checks. Demonstrate safe and proper laboratory techniques. Prepare all necessary reports as required by the Lab Management. Handle Lab hazardous waste in accordance with Sofix procedures. Help keep lab clean and organized. EHS: Become familiar with and follow all safety rules. Management systems: PSM / ISO 9000 / ISO 14000/ OHSAS 18000 / TNCPE: Must understand and conform with the requirements of each Management System as they impact your position. Additional responsibilities as listed in the Training Record. Accountabilities: Carry out testing of in-process and 28% truck samples that are in Lab daily report. Job Specifications: A BA/BS degree in Chemistry or equally qualifying field (Biology, etc) with 0-3 years work experience. Must be able to work weekends if it is necessary. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions in English and able to communicate in a professional manner. Must understand how to work in a Windows Operating Environment and use programs such as email, Word, Excel, and basic data entry. Have a general knowledge of good Laboratory Techniques. Have a basic knowledge of analytical equipment (LC, GC, etc.). Physical Requirements: Lift, Carry, Push, or Pull 1-50 lbs. for 15-60 minutes 1 or 2 times/week. Body Movements: Bend, Twist, Walk, Reach, and/or Climb for 1-8 hours/day Endurance: Sit, Stand, and/or Walk for 6-8 hours per day. Hazards: Moderate Noise Levels, solvents and other chemicals used for testing/cleaning, hotplates and hot solvents.