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Machine Op-Plating/Coating

Madisonville, KY

Order: 23675
1. Rinse chrome tank filters. Empty buckets under ventilation hood twice during shift and record on maintenance log. 2. Keep strip tank going. 3. Fixture and plate parts in order of priority. 4. Keep work area in a clean and safe order (including but not limited to emptying trash cans and keeping floor clean and dry) 5. Keep all fixtures clean and in proper place. 6. Keep all hoses, extension cords and tools out of floor and in proper place. 7. Rinse Chrome tank filters every 8 to 10 hours. Check behind second filter to see if chrome is getting by. This must be done before rinsing filters. Report findings on maintenance log and board if chrome is found. 8. Never spray water near ventilation hood when fan is on. 9. Check water level in water tank during your shift. 10. Keep parts moving in an orderly fashion. 11. Make sure deadlines are met and a quality product goes out the door. 12. Keep quality and productivity at a high level. 13. Problems from your shift must be written down for the next shift. 14. Wear all PPE (safety shoes with metatarsals, eye and hearing protection) in the shop area at all times. When working around strip and chrome chemicals, you are required to wear protective gloves and mask or face shield if required. 15. Use good judgment when handling heavy parts. Never use frayed straps or straps contaminated with chrome to lift heavy objects.