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Training Specialist/Trainer


Order: 24694
*Facilitate powered industrial equipment training for new or transfer associates assigned to positions requiring operation of these vehicles. *Evaluate the associate's ability based on the training checklist and standard operation procedures to operate the vehicle; and issue certifications to those who are competent. *Observe union trainers to ensure trainers are training in accordance with SOP. Provide constructive feedback as needed. *Create, review and maintain training documents and reports. Sign off on training paperwork completed by union trainers. *Identify and promptly communicate any training issues to the Training Supervisor. Provide input for resolution. *Deliver continuing education and training for low-performing employees. *Train and educate new and associates to perform assigned operations defined by the SOP and quality guidelines. *Responsible for assisting in the development and maintaining of training reports, etc. *Provide management and supervisors with required updates on associate's performance. *Educate all new hires on company policies/procedures/ *Responsible for distributing, keeping inventory, and ordering replenishment supplies for the operational areas. *Provide input and assist the engineering Department in the development and implementation of new training methods. *Assist in establishing and maintaining safety, housekeeping, and preventative guidelines throughout facility. *Obtain and maintain valid certifications for powered industrial equipment in order to certify all ne hires/transfers on equipment. *Collaborate with Safety Manager and Supervisor to develop annual equipment re-certifications and safety re-training on powered industrial equipment.