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Helper-Production Worker

Cincinnati, OH

Order: 26289
Unloading of goods delivered. Check that goods advised match goods rec d, check PO for qty s and due date. Book onto the system, batch each box as required, pass samples and paperwork to Inspection. Put goods away to picking or pallet locations or transfer to boxing or subcontract operations. Confirm receipt of any documentation accompanying the delivery e.g. material cert, test cert. etc. Repackaging of bulk product into smaller quantities to comply with the companies or customer requirements. To fill boxing machine hoppers as necessary (waste management). Print labels as required (batch number). Move boxed goods to designated storage locations. Produce dispatch notes, picking lists and labels, as necessary. Resolve discrepancies noted when picking. Advise line manger of potential stock outs. Confirm items picked correspond to the items described on the note. Pack items to ensure they remain secure and undamaged to their destination. Arrange for the issue of certification as detailed on the picking note. Load goods for dispatch onto transport within deadlines Continually check for damaged labels and request replacements as necessary. Cover for envoys as and when required, subject to relevant licenses held.