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Commercial Caulker

Nashville, TN

Order: 29939906

Memco Solutions is Hiring

Memco Solutions has several openings for a Caulker in Nashville, TN. The job consists of installing acoustical and firestop caulking at top and bottom of gypsum partitions.

Pay rate is $15-$18/hour, based on experience. Must live in Nashville or surrounding cities.


Essential Functions

  • Installs Fire caulk into joints using a bulk caulk gun, pulling product out of buckets, using 'sausage' tubes, or standard tubes. Previous experience with fire caulking us needed.

  • Inspect joints to make sure they are sound, that all joint filler material has been removed, and that joint size is acceptable.

  • Joints requiring it, will be packed with backer rod to ensure proper joint depth, eliminate three side adhesion, and provide a sound backing to tool against.

  • If required, joint primer is applied using a spatula type knife of proper size, smoothing sealant to match masonry mortar joints.

  • When using self-leveling products, use compatible material to 'dam' ends, penetrations, and holes, so that the material remains in the joint.

  • Mix material when required utilizing a drill and mixing paddle. Mix according to manufacturer's directions.

  • Access to joints may require use of boom lifts, scissor lifts, swing stage, scaffolds, ladders, boswain's chair (sky genie), or bucket trucks.

  • Clean tools using toluene or xylene type products. Specific care and precautions are to be taken when working with these solvent type materials.



  • Must pass a drug screen

  • Must live in Nashville or surrounding cities

  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly, and occasionally lift and/or move up to 100 lbs. and work in outdoor environment

  • Must have dependable transportation

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must present documents that establish Identity and employment authorization in the United States. The documents must be original, unexpired, legible, and the names must match.


If you’re committed, dependable, and want to join an organization you can be proud of, we’d like to talk to you!


Recruiter: Sean Mercer - sean@memcostaffing.com