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Comfort, TX

Order: 29951870


• Study drawings, blueprints, and rough instructions to determine what kind of finishing work the project needs

• Prepare layouts by using rule framing squares and calipers and mark guidelines on materials

• Shape materials according to prescribed measurements by use of saws and planes

• Assemble materials and ensure that they are properly fastened together

• Assist in erecting framework for structures and cut openings for doors and windows

• Provide support for fitting and installing fabricated window frames, doors and weather stripping

• Build, repair and remove counters and cabinets and perform polishing work on wooden frames and surfaces

• Assist in building a variety of wood constructed items and modify and adapt facilities to specific needs

• Design items on special requests such as bookcases, cabinets and work counters to meet a variety of maintenance and facility needs

• Assist in installing wood built items such as partitions, tables, sewing cabinets and counters

• Shape materials to prescribed measurements and ensure that casework hardware is properly installed

• Install and repair trims on windows and baseboards and repair and improve the appearance of weathered wooden items and frames

Must have reliable transportation
Must have tools

Please apply at MEMCO
10876 Hillpoint