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Salt Lake City, UT

Order: 50190
Master Order
1st Shift

Job functions include cleaning assigned areas(restrooms, lunchrooms, production areas, guest rooms, walkways) with adherence to company standards, policies and procedures.Cleans equipment and work areas according to Master Sanitation/Housekeeping Schedule. Ensures housekeeping carts and designated cleaning areas are maintained to company standard. Working with and knowledge of hazardous materials, such as cleaning chemicals. Pushing, Pulling, Twisting, Reaching, Carrying cleaning supplies and housekeeping items. Organize work schedule based on cleaning needs/requests. Restock room supplies and respond to calls for housekeeping. Organize and restock supplies at the end of the shift. When in a warehouse environment, empties warehouse garbage dumpsters using forklifts.Load, empty and operate card board, plastic bailers. Stock production supplies such as hair nets, beard guards, shoe covers, gloves etc.Must be capable of lifting 40 pounds