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Jamestown, NY

Order: 1817269
The individual will be trained in the set up and operation of the Grecon laminator. The operator will learn all safety aspects including the Lock-out/Tag-out procedures; learn the required quality standards, do necessary paperwork, thorough clean up and housekeeping of the work area. Must be able to set up the machine, check the quality to ensure it will pass quality standards. Rotate and date catalyst totes. Assist truckers when resin is delivered, fill out maintenance requests, alerting maintenance to any urgent problems, must keep pace with production schedules, other duties may be assigned. Must be dependable and have good attendance. Work as a team in a team environment and treat each other with respect in order to maintain smooth production. Be self motivated and be able to perform, without slowing down production. Follow all instructions, policies and procedures. Ability to print clearly and to fill out load tickets, scrap tickets and all necessary paperwork. Ability to speak and communicate in a clear manner. Know basic math and have the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Know and understand the metric measuring system and use a tape measure. Should have knowledge of Manufacturing Software. Must have or attain valid Bush Forklift license. Ability to read and understand blue prints. Must be able to pass Quality test. Must have mechanical aptitude and average math skills. Must be able to work well with others to maintain smooth production.