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Sioux City, IA

Order: 1828586
Flaggers certified in NE. Flagger Training Link https://ltap.unl.edu/online-flagger-certification Go through training and come to the office to take test and get your certification card. 7am-7pm. IA Courts NO Sexual offenses nor Domestic Assault.. They will need there flagger cards on them while flagging. They can keep in a lunch box if they choose. They need to bring a lunch box and plenty of fluids. Safety: Hard Hat PPE High Viz Vest Safety Glasses Nice shirt no wholes, or class 2 reflective shirt. No tank tops, cut off shirts, muscle shirts etc. Jeans or work pants, no sweat, yoga pants, leggings etc. Work boots that come above the ankle preferably steel or composite toe. I would suggest a nice boot as they will be on there feet all day.