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Application Engineer

Virginia Beach, VA

Order: 1574980

Job description

Our client is looking for a remote-working Application Packager and Server Applications Administrator. This is a professional who knows how to create and troubleshoot SCCM-delivered enterprise software installation/deinstallation packages for PCs, App-V instances, and servers, is proficient in PowerShell, and ideally has familiarity with Flexera AppBroker and App Portal. Is familiar with administering Windows servers through Active Directory, LDAP, and SCCM, can pull logs, develop, test, and improve SQL queries, work in XML, and integrate with systems such as ServiceNow.

Applicant must have an active DoD Secret Clearance!


Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of the FACET Training and Support Specialist include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Develop PowerShell installation, uninstallation, and cleanup scripts for software installation/deinstallation packages

· Ensure that PowerShell scripts provide logging of installation, deinstallation, and cleanup activities

· Assist with:

o Setting package install/uninstall policies and procedures

o Developing software retirement processes

o Automating suite bundles, developing package test procedures, and uploading applications to the App Portal

o Improving InstallShield, SCCM, and App-V processes

o Performing assessments of risk from using older widely-installed applications, prioritize applications for updates based on installation base, consumption, and risk

· Provide guidance on the latest software package version information

· Identify software package version history information

· Based on Flexera reports:

o Identify what versions of software are “legacy”

o Identify currently installed legacy versions of software packages

o Identify unauthorized / unsupported / legacy / redundant software

· Demonstrate experience with Windows server administration including Active Directory and LDAP use, SCCM use, and log exploration.

· Develop, test, and improve SQL queries

· Understand, create, and edit XML config files

o Assist with ServiceNow Integrations

· Other duties, as assigned


Minimum Requirements:

· Must have at least 5 yrs. of working experience on FNMS

· Must have an active DoD Secret Clearance

· Must have experience on FNMS installation, patch and version upgrades.

· Must have worked as a lead admin on the application

· Must have experience with integrations like Active Directory, CMDB systems, Tanium, Flexera App Portal, JAMF, Oracle and other procurement solutions

· Must have hands on experience to augment existing application architecture, to meet business or technical needs. For example, to bring data from new sources into the FNMS environment.

· Must have hands on experience doing root cause analysis from application logs, identifying sources of data discrepancies and ways to resolve them.

· Must have experience working / coordinating with Flexera Support on platform issues, bugs and enhancement requests.

· Must have hands on experience working on Windows/Unix/Linux environment

· Should have hands on experience working with Power-shell, SQL Scripts, building Cognos reports

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Ability to establish and maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence.

· Demonstrated ability to assess customer/client needs, creatively approach solutions, and influence appropriate courses of action.


Preferred Skills, Knowledge, & Abilities:

· Able to write:


o PowerShell

o SQL Queries

· Experience with:

o Windows server administration

o Active Directory

o SQL Database

o ServiceNow Integrations

o SCCM Integrations


o Logs