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Shipping and Receiving

Colusa, CA

Order: 139777

The Shipping and Receiving General Labor has a part in providing good customer service, by ensure that customer orders are properly and correctly shipped in accordance with the customer orders. The Shipping and Receiving General Labor also is responsible for ensuring that the incoming products are safe to use in our facility.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Recordkeeping of shipping and receiving products.

  • Prepare orders to ship for truck shipments.

  • Load and unload trucks

  • Pull products and prepare them for daily UPS shipments.

  • Inspect incoming shipments to ensure that the seal has not been broken.

  • Proper label incoming ingredients such as allergen, organic products.

  • Following GMP’s, keep their area clean at all times, and tools picked up.

  • Assist in the safe receipt, storage, retrieval, warehouse control, and timely processing of productions and orders.

  • Assist in ensuring quality in every aspect of the product/s

    • Receiving

    • Handling

    • Storage

    • Shipping

Job Requirements:

This position requires a person experienced and/or ability in the following:

  • Warehouse experience required

  • Knowledge of computers.

  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management Skills and Self-Motivation

  • Proven ability to interact effectively with customers and fellow employees

  • Forklift experience and must safely operate a forklift and trained to operator JLG.Knowledge of GMPs, Organic Handling Procedures, Allergen Control Program, Food Plant Security, Glass and Hard Plastic, Quality related policies, Receiving, Shipping and Storage programs.


All Candidates are subject to pre-employment screening that includes:

  • Drug Screening

  • Work history verification

  • Some relevant skill assessments may be applied.


To apply, please submit a complete application to The Plus Group’s website www.theplusgroup.com. FOLLOW UP on your application by calling 530-671-1111.