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Woodland, CA

Order: 40663



The Plus Group is seeking a qualified and experienced individual for our dynamic client located in Woodland, CA.


Job Description:

The Hayssen Operator will be responsible for the daily operations of the packaging line. The Hayssen Operator will direct the Blender Operator in the product needs for the daily production runs.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all employees, visitors, etc. follow the company’s Safety and Accident Prevention Rules.

  • To correct any quality issues which come up as soon as possible and do this in a way that will minimize product loss.

  • Isolate any product which will not meet pre-determined quality standards .

  • Make sure employees are following GMP’s.

  • Perform all work in accordance with company standards and established safety procedures.

  • Know and understand all equipment in plant from the production area through shipping.

  • Check to make sure correct film, carton, box, labels, etc. are being used for the product.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements-This position requires a person experienced and/or ability in the following:


  • Experience in food manufacturing (Prefer 5 years minimum)

  • Good communication skills relating to employee

  • Basic reading, writing, and math skills.

  • Knowledge of the packaging process and machinery.

  • Have knowledge to perform basic maintenance on equipment.

  • Forklift experience and safely operate forklift.

  • Knowledge of HACCP, GMP’s, Organic Handling Procedures, Allergen Control Program, Food Plant Security, Glass and Hard Plastic, Quality related policies, and Safety programs, and make sure plant operations are complying with those programs.

  • Dependable and flexible to rotate shifts work overtime.

  • Disciplined work style towards tasks; a flexible style towards people

  • Can follow instructions and lead others.

Physical Requirements-This job requires walking, sitting, and climbing. The person selected must be able to balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, stand, crawl and have good vision with good hearing. The job requires lifting from 25 pounds to 50 pounds. Must have dexterous use of both hands and feet.


Interested candidates must submit a thoroughly completed application and upload your resume on The Plus Group website http://www.theplusgroup.com/. IT IS CRUCIAL TO CALL OUR OFFICE AT 530.671.1111 once you have completed your application for immediate review.