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Order: 1807230

The Janitor is responsible to cleaning and sanitizing offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms,

kitchens and break rooms, public areas and designated areas within the plant.


Hours: 6am-2pm or 7am-3pm full time

Pay: $10.00 - 11.00


Duties and Responsibilities

Sweep and mop white lines

Restock paper towels, soap dispensers and hand sanitizer

Empty trash in all bathrooms, break rooms and offices (including upstairs and Lab)

Clean and replace fan covers in production

Clean bathrooms and break rooms (including upstairs)

Clean locker rooms and employee entrance

Clean blue fabric bay doors

General cleaning in production and packaging areas

Clean offices (including upstairs and Lab)

Clean warehouse mezzanines and stairways

Backup for designated operations (e.g. Packer, Mill Room)


Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Detail Oriented


Team Player

Show initiative


Able to work independently with some direction

Manages time effectively and adapts quickly to changing priorities

Coordination – adjusting action in relation to others’ action

Manual dexterity and lifting capability (at least 30 lbs)

Ability to operate a forklift

Ability to stand for long periods of time



High School Diploma or equivalent