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Administrative II

Mount Airy, NC

Order: 104240
Light Industrial

Job Title: Administrative II


Job Summary: Provide administrative and operations support for an organizational unit to ensure organizational effectiveness in accordance with established practices, processes, regulations, guidelines and standards in a safe and efficient manner.


Responsibilities, Duties and Physical Requirements:

• Track status of complaints, requisitions, contracts, orders, samples, tests, shipments, deliveries, and/or products.

• Under the direction of a Manager, may perform buying duties such as the purchase materials, equipment and supplies according to policies and guidelines; and may administer contracts for materials, equipment, supplies and services.

• Assess inventory levels and determine needs for materials, equipment, supplies. Coordinate and schedule the flow of materials, supplies, equipment for the operating unit.

• Contact suppliers to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems.

• Facilitating changes in procedures, forms and practices, work flows, personnel and equipment; administering contracts for materials, equipment, supplies and services; purchase materials and supplies according to policies and guidelines.

• Perform quality assurance activities/tasks for the plant/site, as needed.

• Administer petty cash, accounts payable and/or accounts receivable for the unit.

• Prepare accurate and timely business, financial, personnel, government-mandated and business reports.

• Plan and implement special projects as assigned.

• Perform appropriate duties as assigned by management

• Maintain a safe and clean work space

• Follow established safety rules and regulations



Qualifications and Skills:

• High school diploma or GED required

• 2-year degree in related field preferred

• Must have strong knowledge of Microsoft Office

• 2+ years of customer service experience

• Strong clerical/administrative skills

• Committed to quality, safety and communication

• Team-oriented and self-directed

• Background check required

• Drug test required



Benefits and Perks:

• Medical, Dental & Vision Plans are available

• Benefits include Patient Advocacy Plan

• Quarterly Incentive Drawings

• Direct Deposit

• Employee recognition during holiday’s and National Staffing Week