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Buford, GA

Order: 22334
Temp To Full-Time
AC & DC Drives, Inverters, VFD’s, Soft-starts, Spindle Drives, Servo Drives, etc HMI’s or Human Machine Interfaces such as: Touchscreens, Industrial PC’s, Monitors, Teach Pendants Industrial Power Supplies PLC’s, Controllers, Chart Recorders, Temperature Controls, Timers, etc Safety Equipment such as, Scanners, Lasers, Transmitters & Receivers, Photo Eyes, etc. Industrial Circuit Boards such as Power Boards, Mother Boards, Main Boards, Control Boards, etc. Technicians will be required to perform repairs of units down to component level, practice good soldering/desoldering and troubleshooting skills, read schematics, use basic and specialized tools and test equipment such as: Oscilloscopes and Multi-meters to insure complete repairs. Must be able to evaluate the repair items and order the required parts & components needed for the repair. Must be knowledgeable in the use of common components such as (Thru-hole and Surface Mount): Capacitors Resistors Diodes Transistors Relays IGBT’s Blocks Thermistors Optocouplers SMPS