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Customer Service Representative

Tampa, FL

Order: 1196738

This position involves activities that contribute directly and indirectly to customer and supplier’s satisfaction objectives. Responsibilities involve the timely, accurate, professional handling of customer transactions within established timeframes. The employee should exercise sound business judgment utilizing an appropriate sense of urgency and sound customer service skills.


Looking for professionalism, good work ethic, and attitude.  A quick learner that can grasp or has a technical/mechanical background.


Pay range: $16-$20/hr. depending of experience and background.



Specific responsibilities and authorities may include:


? Answer incoming calls. Respond to customer calls (both internal and external) for sales and service. These calls include, but are not limited to:


o placing orders;

o changing orders;

o quotations;

o order expediting and/or status;

o technical information;

o product availability;

o complaints;

o returns and repairs;

o and credit issues.

o managing customer MRP reports


? Enter all orders and quotes into the system within 8 business hours.

? Return all calls (including voicemail) within 8 business hours.

? Follow-through on all inquiries and provide specific feedback to customers on all issues within 8 business hours, if not resolved at point of contact.

? Coordinate activities with other departments such as:


o Purchasing - inventory levels, price and/or lead-time changes, part number creation

o Accounting & Finance - credit and invoice issues

o Warehouse and Shops - shipping, inventory, product assembly and conversion issues

o Outside Sales - customer updates and issues


? Support and participate in the organization’s continual improvement program to conform to ISO 9001

requirements and understand the implications of not conforming with the Quality Management System.

? Other duties as assigned.







? High school diploma, GED, or equivalent secondary education.





? Technically proficient with ERP programs which apply to the Customer Service department.


? Proficient with PC hardware/software applications, and manufacturer’s application software.

? Experience working in an ISO 9001 environment a plus.





? Strong product and pricing skills. Ability to answer model number, light function explanation and pricing for all GCC product lines.

? Sound problem solving skills. Ability to make decisions demonstrating initiative and assertiveness.

? Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to work well with customers; team members; and individuals in other departments.

? Good communication skills. The ability to articulate technical and conceptual information in a clear,

concise and effective way.





? Able to sit, bend, stand, walk, and type 8 – 10 hours per day.

? Able to regularly lift and/or move up to 25 lbs.

? Must comply with any safety or PPE requirements.

? Occasional exposure to a production environment.

? Reasonable accommodations are made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.





? Willingness to take ownership- Accepts responsibility for personal and team results.

? Professional maturity- Adapts to changing conditions and pressure with positive attitude. Accepts performance direction and counseling, by learning from successes and failures without defensiveness or negative actions.

? Demonstrates leadership- Leads by example, exhibits role model behaviors in teamwork, professionalism,

positivity, and willingness to rise above expectations to meet company and personal goals.