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Warehouse Associate

Tampa, FL

Order: 1310023
We have new orders to work on! The account is UMI Stone and they are literally right down the street from us at 5108 W Hanna Ave. They are a provider of stone/granite products. He is looking for 2 general labor guys to start ASAP (and once he has them trained another 2) that basically act as “spotters” for the pieces of stone/granite that they display in the showroom. The temps will walk alongside the clamp forklift which securely holds the piece in place, it is then lowered into a secure racking system that holds them. Temps are not allowed to operate the forklift clamp and will be sent to training once they go full-time! He does prefer that they have some forklift experience so it speeds up the process a bit once they go full-time. Hours are 7:00am-Finish, some Saturday work required but it is usually just 8:00am-12:00pm to help prepare for Monday and get the trucks loaded. $12.00/hour to start, but solid room for advancement! Once they pass their clamp forklift training and go full-time he will bump $1.00, and if they want to learn the crane systems, they can make even more down the road. Background is case by case. No theft or crazy violence. Please watch the video below it is exactly what they will be doing! Let me know if you have any questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSn6dk5T410