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Packaging Machine Operators

Streamwood, IL

Order: 192605

Job Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for programming machines using keyboard and terminal for the proper size, weight, codes and dates for each bag produced and run.

  • Verify set up of machine; verify that the machine has been properly put back together from sanitation crew along with scales and their proper function.

  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment.

  • Ensure that the products are safe and meet the customer specifications.

  • Communicate quality issues of raw product or finished goods to the appropriate personnel.

  • Responsible for machine set-up, general machine operation and changeovers. 

  • Responsible for the completion of all paperwork including, but not limited to, dump logs, chemical logs, downtime logs, blade inspection sheets and line staffing sheets.

  • Follow and complete the daily production schedule, including changes that may occur during the course of the day.

  • Report and record hourly production updates.

  • Responsible to perform the following product quality checks:


    • percent oxygen testing (salad plant only)

    • cut quality and blend ratio evaluation

    • total volume testing (salad plant only)

    • package weight monitoring

    • seal integrity (leakers testing)

    • finished package temperature monitoring

    • code date verification

    • bar code readability verification

    • documentation of all results and actions

  •  Perform other duties as assigned