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Mobile, AL

Order: 25183

Title: Clerk

Days/Hours:Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Duration: Temp to Hire

Pay Rate: $10.25


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


-Retrieving and mailing slides

-Distributing reports

-Mailing and receiving consultation reports

-Responding to case queries

-Maintaining and retrieving histology slips

-Collecting reports for cancer cases and forwarding same reports to cancer registry

-This office covers the telephone for the other laboratory related departments when necessary and locates pathologists for frozen/fresh specimen requests.

-Picks up and distributes mail.

-Creates send out letters for slides.

-Performs other general office duties as needed and related duties as required.

-Regular and prompt attendance.

-Ability to work schedule as defined and overtime as required.