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Logistics Coordinator

, FL

Order: 966578
Temp To Full-Time
  • Coordinating transportation providers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments
  • Responding to customer inquiries and referring clients to the proper channels
  • Reviewing purchase orders and shipping documents to ensure accuracy
  • Making special shipping arrangements as necessary
  • Tracking and fixing shipping errors
  • Preparing bills and invoices
  • Managing distribution and shipment budgets
  • Ensuring that the quality of all services provided meets the required standards
  • Developing processes that make the supply chain more efficient and organized

Qualities needed:

  1. Good Communication skills as will be on phone and dealing with truckers firsthand.
  2. Will be dealing with office sales force, shipping, and receiving personal daily.
  3. Needs excellent Micro Soft office skills, Example: Outlook, Word, and Excel skills - General Computer Skills
  4. Bi Lingual preferred
  5. Hours are 7 AM to 4 PM
  6. Seeking long Term commitment.
  7. Dress code is casual as will be going into warehouse at times.