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Orlando, FL

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Performance Personnel seeks Carpenters in Orlando, Florida for a long term opportunity. The application process for these openings is a little different, so please TEXT us at 407-270-0335 to reach Jesselyn for more info!


Duties and Responsibilities


Level I: Hourly Rate of $18.00

Responsible for following all Company and Project safety policies, procedures, and requirements as well as all local, state, and federal laws governing safety.

Pay attention to the subtle woodworking details.

Measures, marks, and arranges items according to a predetermined arrangement using blueprints or supervisory instructions.

Estimating the quantity of necessary supplies, materials, and pieces.

Cutting and shaping pieces by choosing the best techniques for shaping, cutting, and putting together parts.

Preparing a layout and making necessary design changes.

Setting up and using tools, such as power saws, sanders, routers, and grinders, to safely construct given projects.

Uses the best nail, screw, staple, or adhesive to join components.

Trimming components with measuring and hand tools.

Combines and fastens components to create frames or props using hand tools and dowels, nails, and wood screws

· Ensures the accuracy of work by checking completed projects with tools such as levels, surveying equipment, or framing squares; corrects problems as needed.


Level II: Hourly Rate of $22.00

In addition to above:

· Read blueprints, drawings, and sketches to fully grasp requirements.

· Excellent understanding of carpentry techniques and methods of installation and construction.

· Advanced techniques with woodworking machineries like Bandsaw, drill press, and bench grinder.

· Ability to cut, fit, and then install the wooden material according to specific measurements making sure corners are crisp, joints are tight, and moldings are level.


Qualifications/Experience/ Skills and Attributes

Carpenter Requirements:

· Proven experience as carpenter

· Hands-on experience in working with carpentry materials.

· Good knowledge of wood properties and other carpentry materials.

· Good mechanical and technical skills and attention to detail

· Must have good planning and time-management skills.

· A personal values system demonstrably consistent with organizational values

· Ability to be punctual and dependable.

· Works well as part of a team.

· Need to have basic carpentry hand tools for use with position.


Level I: 1-3 years’ experience with carpentry background.

Level II: 4-6 years’ experience working carpentry background.


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