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Packaging Technician

Sparks, NV

Order: 1343139

Job Description

Operate and maintain the palletizer and handling of finished good pallets placing them in the finished goods' racking system in a fast paced manufacturing environment. Ensure there is a constant material flow to the customer hand over area. Support constant running of palletizing equipment.

  • Review the work instruction sheets, check routing for proper material placement.

  • Use hand trucks, forklifts, hoists and other material handling equipment to receive, store and transport material.

  • Use the handling equipment to bring the full pallets out of the palletizer to the finished goods' racking system; distribute empty pallets accordingly.

  • Practice first in first out (FIFO) when storing completed pallets and staging for customer pickup.

  • Stack materials ensuring segregation of tools. Ensure proper and safe storage of material. Maintain accurate FIFO inventory of finished goods.

  • Follow the TPM maintenance check list looking for any apparent need for machine repair before and during operation. Notify the Vision Inspection Operator and r maintenance of any needs.

  • Start and operate the palletizer and give direct feedback to the maintenance department in case of technical problems.. Perform basic troubleshooting.

  • Inspect pallets and finished good pallets as required. Take remedial action.

  • Perform general housekeeping duties in your assigned area as needed.

  • Have pallets staged with proper documentation for customer pickup. Move out returned finished good trays from customer.

  • Follow company policies, procedures and comply with standard safety rules and regulations.

  • Work as a team player while proactively supporting the continuous improvement process by attending workshops, developing and adjusting standard work instructions in your area, taking part in problem solving meeting and helping to find root causes.

  • Perform any other duties as assigned.