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Washoe County Flu Clinic

Reno, NV

Order: 1344684

Washoe County Health District will be conducting numerous outreach events to provide flu vaccines this fall. The hours will be very flexible, part-time only, many days, some evenings and some weekends.  Start date will be approximately mid-September. The pay will be $15/hr.


Washoe county has drive through testing stations. Before opening, staff sets up traffic lanes, pop-up tents and chairs as necessary.  Citizens are directed through lanes of cones, checked in for their appointment, then directed to the testing stations.  The stations themselves are, of course, stocked with a wide array of medical and other supplies, along with protective wear and gear. 


Job Duties:

  • Directing traffic

  • Restocking medical and office supplies,

  • Creating the kits needed for each test

  • Assist with inventory control

  • Disinfect surfaces

  • Load and unload trailers

  • Set up and tear down the POST or MPOST




  • Must have good habits regarding the safety of everyone on site

  • Be reliable

Understand the importance of the proper attire for comfort and professionalism