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Shipping Receiving

Grandville, MI

Order: 124208

Shipping receiving clerk – Grandville, MI


A local company in Grandville, Michigan is seeking a quailed individual as a Shipping Receiving Clerk
Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Assembler position:

- Driving hilos/forklifts and driving a sit down as well as a stand up forklift truck.

- Receiving parts in, inspecting parts, counting parts, and putting them away on the shelf.

- Data entry

- Complete additional duties as assigned

Job Requirements for Assembler position:

- lot of experience with driving hilos/forklifts 

- Able to lift 70-80lbs

- Must be able to work overtime


Qualifications for Assembler position:

- Knowledge and understanding of Computers

- Previous experience using various Fork lifts

- Knowledge of parts such as washers, bolts, etc.

- Good dexterity


Order #: 124208