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General Labor

Middlebury, IN

Order: 125962
Temp To Full-Time

ROLE: This is a processing plant. Positions will rotate daily as needed. 630am-6pm M-F $11.50



This is a very busy duck processing plant. They need to rotate positions for processing as needed. Pulling, cleaning, sorting and packing.



1. Accuracy with packing based on customer order

2. Proper product handling for safety and OSHA requirements.


ADJECTIVES: Describing work & environment:

Light lifting, fast paced, production line style work. Cooler temperature.



1. Must be able to work in cooler environment.

2. Must be able to 10 hour shifts

3. Must be able to work with raw poultry.



1. Able to work at fast pace

2. Able to work in a cooler environment

3. Able to work around raw poultry

4. MUST wear ALL PPE (Provided)

5. Willing & able to cross train and be flexible.


* Spanish speaking people are OK *