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Warehouse Worker

Livonia, MI

Order: 126332

Furnace Operator – Heat Treat Operations


Company is seeking Furnace Operators for both day and night shift production operations. Interested candidates should be able to stand for 12-hour shifts, pay attention to detail, and work well independently and with a team. All applicants should be reliable, professional and demonstrate a great work attitude!


Duties include but are not limited to:


• Read production schedules and work orders to determine processing sequences, furnace temperatures, and heat cycle requirements for objects to be heat-treated.

• Record times that parts are removed from furnaces to document that objects have attained specified temperatures for specified times.

• Load parts into containers and place containers on conveyors to be inserted into furnaces, or insert parts into furnaces.

• Maintain housekeeping in the work area.

• Determine types and temperatures needed to attain specified part hardness, toughness, and ductility, using heat-treating charts and knowledge of methods, equipment and metals.

• Remove parts from furnaces after specified times, and air dry or cool parts.

• Position stock in furnaces, using tongs, chain hoists, or pry bars.

• Adjust controls to maintain temperatures and heating times, using thermal instruments and charts, dials and gauges of furnaces, and color of stock in furnaces to make setting determinations.

• Determine flame temperatures, and heating cycles, based on degree of hardness required and properties of stock to be treated.


Job Requirements:


* Must be safety-conscious, and must have a strong work ethic. Candidate must be highly dependable and have outstanding attendance.

* Must be willing to work in high temperatures, stand for long periods of time, lift items up to 30 pounds and do repetitive hand movement.

* Duties include putting parts onto a furnace line and inspection. Must be able to work overtime as needed.