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Fort Wayne, IN

Order: 126816

Metal Shop Lead Man


MISSION of why this job needs to be done.

To assist with current work load of client and train for supervision role



KEY OUTCOMES of the actual work

1. Supervision of team

2. Time keeping

3. Weekly reports

4. Communicate with Management



DJECTIVES describing the work and the environment (Include Lifting Requirements)

5-7 adjectives you would use to describe the work being performed and the environment and culture where the work is performed. (I.E FAST PACE/ SLOW PACE, MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS, HOT / COLD, DETAILED, PROCESS, SMALL / BIG, HEAVY VS LIGHT, REPETATIVE,


Physical position as they will be doing construction of doors/frames


COMPENTENCIES to perform the essential job functions


1.Perform metal fabrication, welding, cutting, and grinding of 14 to 18 gage steel

2.Oversee shop employees, Monitor performance, attendance and quality

3.Ability to read work orders and generate on Comsense

4. Communicate with Warehouse/shipping Dept


SKILLS needed in order to perform the essential job functions


1.Good carpentry skills

2.Working knowledge of saws, drills and other tools used for installation

3.Ability to understand tape measurements

4.High School Diploma/GED

5. Driver License Required